Jimmy DeTalente and the Electric Revival

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Jimmy DeTalente and the Electric Revival

“… it all goes down as smooth as the finest bourbon the stills in the hills of Kentucky have ever produced.”

Metamorphosis literally involves a caterpillar devouring parts of itself in order to be birthed into something more beautiful. This metaphor of metamorphosis is one that has been used to describe many an artist’s transformation from raw, earthy garage talent, into something palatable, homogenous, and radio ready… next stop pop stardom.

But what if the butterfly discovers it feels more at home in the earth, digging, digesting and describing the very essence of life, instead of flying high above the tree tops and blue skies of ready-made pop? What if the moth could return to worm? What if you could rewind metamorphosis and strip all the shine away and find that lost anthem of the soul? What if you could scrap the digital and return to the natural state of stripped down analog?

That is just what Jimmy DeTalente and the Electric Revival has done.

While all the members of the Revival have had major success in the deep crevices of every rock and roll club this side of the PCH, this is something new, but yet something seasoned with all those experiences and melodic hooks of past bands. Like the shaky hands and bourbon breath of the lost man fumbling his way through a first prayer, it’s a return to what always should have been.

The first listen of the title track to their 2017 EP “Where We Begin”, or the stand out song “Fall and Fail” will give you a straight shot with no chaser of the desperation and desire of humanity’s need for forgiveness and redemption again and again.  But yet with DeTalente’s Butch Walker-esque ability to write hook after hook, it all goes down as smooth as the finest bourbon the stills in the hills of Kentucky have ever produced. But it’s not just the songwriting and production on the EP that are quickly setting DeTalente and Co. apart from their peers.  But their unpredictable, and at times, unhinged live performance is where the band truly tattoos itself in the minds of both audiences and promoters alike “Very entertaining! Lots of crowd participation! Well rounded with a great following! The band is easy to deal with and fun!!” – Kevin Zirkelbach, Kevin’s Backstage, Evansville, IN

As the EPs title states 2017 is where the band began BUT they aren’t new; the faces are familiar… a bit weathered, a bit jaded, a bit faded, but if you sit down “For A Few” you will realize they have turned “Spark To A Flame” and are renewed and coming for you!

Jimmy DeTalente and the Electric Revival is a Rock/Country/American Music band based out of Evansville, IN.

Members are Vocals\Guitar- Jimmy DeTalente, Bass – David McCord, and Drums\Vocals- Larry Deffendoll

With lyrics full of life experience, infused with emotion provoking guitar riffs, tied together with soulful, groove-driven drum parts, Jimmy DeTalente and the Electric Revival’s music is comparable to Crowder, Chris Stapleton, Jason Isbell, and NeedToBreathe.  In early 2017, the group entered the studio to start work on their first EP titled “Where We Begin” with Grammy nominated Dove award winning producer Travis Wyrick (P.O.D, Pillar, Erick Baker) which was released in August 2017. 

In December of 2018, the group went back into the studio with producer Corey Lawson to record their next single “Ain’t No Shame” which was released digitally, along with the music video for the song, in January of 2019!