Walt Wilkins & the Mystiqueros

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Walt Wilkins & the Mystiqueros

“There is perhaps no greater influence on modern Texas Music than Walt Wilkins.” ~ galleywinter.com

Walt has made top shelf recordings that are direct evidence of the emotional depth of the man and the harmonious skills of the artist and his fellow muse compadres – Bull Creek Souvenir (1994, out of print), Fire, Honey & Angels (2000), Rivertown (2002), Mustang Island (2004), Hopewell (2006). He cut Diamonds in the Sun with his Tejas soul brothers, the Mystiqueros, in early 2007, after about eight or nine months of initial seasoning and finding their tongues, treads and grooves. The release of Diamonds in the Sun was followed with critical acclaim, many best of the year pick lists and considerable airplay on XM and Texas radio.

Walt completed his 7th record called Vigil in 2009 and it is a beautiful, honest and graceful kaleidoscope of the life cycle. Vigil documents the ranging and interconnected thoughts of the author, who expresses concerns for his child, throws questioning fireballs at God, honors those close friends that fade too soon by carrying on, wonders what will happen to his life’s works when he passes, bathes in healing waters prior to his final judgment and mostly exercises a grateful heart and an agile mind.

Walt has produced and cultivated creative records by a variety of artists including Brandon Rhyder, Jamie Richards, Jason Eady, Ryan James, Josh Grider, Bonnie Bishop, Autumn Boukadakis, Sam Baker, Monty Russell, Brian Langlinais, Bobby Duncan, Brad Hines and his lovely wife, Tina Mitchell Wilkins. Tina is a senorita muy bonita with a velvet sky voice, who used to dance with me back before I started squirting on shots of Shine(r)-ola, sometimes called the Musk of the Mid-South or the Lube of da Boobs.

Occasionally, Walt needs a trim but more often some deep rest and another Lone Star or Shiner or Jameson to help lube that night’s delivery of trials and truths. His bark has been peeled and trunk bared by wind and rot – yet the deep roots underground have sustained the peach buds amid southern droughts and released the wondering muse with earthbound doubts.

The Mystiqueros released their second record, Agave, in April 2010. Agave bookmarks a ripening and simmering of the MQ roux and a well-rounded distribution of the burdens shared. There’s been four years of Mystiquero maturation and fermentation, amongst the May Jams and Thursday evenings with joyful faces polishing the receptive benches and dance floors at Gruene. Plus celebrations of country and collective spirits under the live oak clusters along South Grape Creek with Lone Star Lights from the Luckenbach well and the West Texas comforts at the Gage Hotel.

Walt has churned multi-miles beneath his wheels and gathered up the ragged thoughts and discarded pearls that help him to render the distinctive images and characters that follow. Many nights he needs more listeners in the seats to hear the wit and layers of his reflective art. Those live muse listeners get the benefit of him strumming the rhythms and painting the prose of where he’s rambled and who and what he’s observed amongst his meanderings. His songwriting is southern roots and road-worn gospel and the deep creases and genuine smile help to authenticate the honesty of his witnessing.

Whether performing solo, as a duo with his wife, Tina, or amped up with his brethren, the Mystiqueros, Walt entertains those of us with Bocks and Buds and Vino in hand and helps us lay our burdens down. So come out to hear a good friend enjoy himself and please us with his vivid fictions and post card realities.