Truth In Numbers: Six Music Industry Takeaways From Year-End Data

chart-e1421942899272Forbes just released an article with the 2014 music industry numbers, and the numbers don’t lie:

1. More people are consuming music than ever before.
It’s just coming through streaming services, not album sales. A 95% gain from 2013 and a 363% gain from 2012.

2. Digital downloads are dying.
Digital album sales dipped from 117.6 million to 106.5 million, a drop of 9.4%. Digital track sales slid from 1.26 billion to 1.1 billion, down 12.5%.

3. The album will live on–in vinyl.
There were 9.2 million LPs sold last year, a 51.8% gain over the 6.1 million moved in 2013.

4. Rock isn’t as dead as one might think.
The genre accounted for 71% of LP sales last year. Top rock LP albums: Jack White, Arctic Monkeys, The Beatles and Lana Del Rey.

5. Radio still rules.
Terrestrial broadcast radio accounted for 44% of total U.S. music industry revenue last year, easily topping No. 2 live music (26%) and satellite radio subscription (10%).

6. Brands and bands are growing closer.
brands spent about $1.3 billion on music partnerships last year.

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